who is Don Winston, and why should I care?


Don Winston is a professional engineer the Founder and President of Donald J. Winston, PE PC (http://www.donwinstonpe.com). Don is an enthusiastic amateur musician, playing euphonium, tuba, and trombone. You probably shouldn't care. What you should care about is supporting classical music in all its forms. See the “links” page for more details.





After a bad performance at a summer workshop in 2013, Don Winston & Friends was conceived as a venue to create solo and chamber group performance opportunities for myself and my friends, all enthusiastic amateur performers.


Select professional performers who are friends, teachers, and mentors have been a part of DWF from the very beginning. I am humbled by the interest and excitement that my professional friends have shown in the concept, and Demondrae Thurman has been a part of every Don Winston & Friends recital.